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PPG - Honda B Series AWD Transfer Gear Set. PPG - Honda B Series AWD Transfer Gear Set. Vendor PPG Regular price from $949.00 Sale price from $949.00 Regular price $979.00 Unit price / per . You save 3% ($30.00) PPG - Honda Acura K-Series 4.76 Final Drive. PPG - Honda Acura K-Series 4.76 Final Drive. Vendor PPG Regular price $1,599.00 Sale price $1,599.00 Regular price $1,699.00 Unit price ...|The PPG L-Series gear set supplies a straight cut 1st gear with helical gears, 2nd, 3rd & 4th. The 1st gear synchro design has been refined to operate smoothly which enables the elimination of premature wear. A characteristic seen in the OEM gearbox.The L-Series gear set ratios - 1st - 2.857 2nd - 1.933 3rd - 1.350 4th - 1.000 The PPG L-Series gear ratios have been optimised to maximise ...Surface Enhancement Processing* – Finishing process – $250.00. Shot Peen – $75.00. 1st Gear Face Plate Conversion – $120.00. 5th Gear Face Plate Conversion – $238.00. 5th Gear Delete – $50.00. * Liberty’s surface enhancement process lowers drag coefficient on gears, resulting in higher efficiency and lower operating temperatures. |Straight Cut gears reduce drivetrain power loss and are designed using the same profiles as the PPG drag sets that are so popular amongst USA based Sport Compact teams. Designed as a Drop in replacement Kit… Means No Modification Required! Suitable for full race K20 or K24 where very close ratio For race use only. Product: Racing Synchro Gear Set (4 pcs) Application: 2002 2003 2004 Acura RSX ...|gm & ford 2017 gear sets make & model ppg ratios part number price usd. t5 1st-4th s/c syn set - falcon t5 s/c syn 5th gear set- commodore t5 s/c syn 5th gear set - falcon t5 5spd s/c synchro set - commodore t5 5spd s/c synchro set - falcon t56 6spd (1st-4th) h/c dog set - falcon t56 6spd (1st-4th) h/c dog set - gmThis upgrade is designed for street and circuit applications and sets the benchmark in terms of quiet noise operation for everyday driving. NISSAN GTR R35 1ST GEAR H/C SYN SET. Ratio: Standard Nissan 1st gear ratio. Part Number: NI-GTR35-1ST-HC-SYN-GA. NISSAN GTR R35 2/6SPD H/C SYNCHRO SET.This direct fitment gearset is perfect for street racers wanting increased strength and closer ratio's between 1st and 3rd at an attractive price point. Straight Cut gears reduce drivetrain power loss and are designed using the same profiles as the PPG drag sets that are so popular amongst USA based Sport Compact teams.With various ratios available, these sets are not only very strong but also ...Global Headquarters - Pfitzner Performance Gearboxes 14A Watervale Drive, Green Fields, SA 5107 - Australia P: +61 8 8285 2933 E: [email protected]|Those bits definitely looks like the PPG synchro stuff I installed in a gearbox not too long ago - nice stuff Simon! smile.gif /J. [email protected] 2nd April 2007, 18:52. 5th is fine, they rarely line up perfectly, and there isn't much you can do (although you can shim the gear on the output shaft). Different bearings and thrust washers will put the input gear in a different place, but you need the ...PPG 6 Speed Heavy Duty Helical Synchro Gear Set with Billet Output Shaft Nissan GT-R 2009-17 PPG 6th Gear Output Nissan GT-R 2008-17 PPG Front Billet Transfer Gear Set Nissan GT-R 2008-17The synchro kit comes with input gears, output gears & input shaft. Ratios are available to suit rally, circuit or drag applications. Reverse gear is retained. Billet selector forks are available for the 5 speed gearbox. Ultra tough construction for rough terrain, gears are REM super finished increasing life and reducing friction. This results in core strength of approximately 30% greater than ...I love the straight cut gear noise over helical too, but this can drive some people nuts. This is in the 32 which is not a daily. The 33 I do still use an OS giken set though I guess so I can have a synchro and a dog box to choose from. I know also PAR (I know they had a bad rep for a while.|The SpeedFactory Racing FWD2AWD B-Series Gear Conversion Kit has been created to provide you with the parts and modifications needed to easily retrofit a stock layout FWD B-Series gear set into your B AWD transmission with NO MACHINE WORK required! Detailed instructions are included, and we recommend checking out our F|I expect to see a full set of gears with some ratio choices and final drive options. 2 ... Still falls short of a proper synchro box. Yeah you can drive around its short comings, but there is a reason Porsche ditched the balk rings in favour of a proper synchros. I looked at G50 conversions. I reckon there wouldn't be much change from 20-25k once it was in. So then things escalated and i was ...|The 3rd and 4th gears are designed with a replaceable synchro gear cone. Even when you damage the engagement teeth from a mis-shift, you can replace this part without needing a whole new gear. Ratios: 3.07 1 st , 1.90 2 nd , 1.36 3 rd , 1.03 4 th |Here we have one of our window cases to check all proper gear clearances when installing an aftermarket gear set! #custom #synchrotech #ppg #synchro #honda #acura #civic #integra #element. 14. PPG gear set being tested in a window case. 19. See All. Posts. Synchrotech Transmissions, Inc. October 9, 2020 · Just finished setting up this AWD PPG Dogbox 1st-4th set with Final Drive. in this ...|Do PPG do a strengthened synchro gear set? If so look at that instead of a dog engagement. As far as clutchless shifting goes yes you can upshift without it, but then you can with a synchro box as well, just a matter of slightly unloading the dog set and shifting in a committed and purposeful manner, for downshifting you need to rev match, this takes more practice. The_Plague. 07-10-2008, 08 ...|May 05, 2021 · Gear Set S2000 Ppg . About Set Ppg S2000 Gear . If you are searching for S2000 Ppg Gear Set, simply check out our information below : ... |Pfitzner (PPG) H/C 1-6 Synchro Gear Set for Subaru BRZ / Scion FR-S / GT86. $7,299.00. Free shipping. OEM 97-17 Subaru Clutch Release Fork Boot Impreza Legacy Forester NEW 30542AA040 (Fits: Subaru BRZ) 5 out of 5 stars (12) 12 product ratings - OEM 97-17 Subaru Clutch Release Fork Boot Impreza Legacy Forester NEW 30542AA040. $25.58. Free shipping. Only 2 left. 16-1602 PROTHANE REAR SHIFTER ...

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